Second Floor Bedrooms

Belita vacation bedroom 1 Bedroom 1
Queen bed and desk
southern exposure
street and garden view
Belita vacation bedroom 2 Bedroom 2
Queen bed and
reading alcove
southern exposure
street view
Second Floor Sitting Room Bedroom 3/ Sitting Room

three of four seat sofas
Queen sofabed with two mattresses
microwave and fridge
northern garden exposure

First Floor Efficiency Apartment

Bedroom A Bedroom A Queen bed
semi-private washroom
overlooks deck & gardens
Bedroom A Bedroom A sitting room
ensuite TV, microwave, and fridge

Ground Floor Bedrooms

Living Room Apartment Living Room
overlooks patio & gardens
queen sofabed
Bedroom and sitting room Apartment Bedroom and sitting room
facing north overlooks gardens
cabana Cabana
with HVAC, no plumbing
Bedroom sitting room Cabana Bedroom and sitting room
overlooks pond & gardens
faces south